Highlights of my TBR: Ang, 7/16/19

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TBR: To-Be-Read; references a list that many readers keep

I almost don’t want to tell you my TBR number, because I’m a little embarrassed by it. Pals, there are 999 titles on my extended TBR. That’s pretty much 1,000 books, which would take me 10-ish years to get through. And that’s only if I never add another book to the list, or never read a book that isn’t on the list. Which. I am doing right now. My current read isn’t on the list. Whenever I get panicked about this damn TBR, though, I think to myself: the list isn’t mandatory. It’s only there so you remember all the great books you want to read. If you don’t get to all the books on it, you’ll always remember that at some point you wanted to read them. I think maybe possibly I’ll get to the point where I believe this.


#630. My One and Only Duke, by Grace Burrowes. I used to read historical romances very heavily. (I used to read a lot more romance in general, actually.) I will fully admit that I’m not at all familiar with the new crop of bestselling historical romance authors. I know who is popular, and I make sure the library has those all the up-and-comers, but I just don’t read them. I’d like to work on changing that, and this is a start.

#690. An Unconditional Freedom, by Alyssa Cole. I loved the other two books in this series, about slaves and free black people who band together with abolitionists to bring down the Confederacy. I have no doubt that this will be as excellent as the other two, and I have no excuse for not getting to it yet except that I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

#744. I Want You Back, by Lorelei James. I’ll read a sports romance any day of the week. I’m a pretty avid sports fan, so they’re one of my most catnippy types of read. And this series start is set in the NHL (no word on if further books will be), and I am OKAY with that. I’m not sure about the trope here; “second chance at love” isn’t my favorite, and especially with a kid involved, but I’ll give it a try. I’ve never read Lorelei James, but I’ve heard good things.