Highlights of my TBR: Ang, 8/27/20

by | Aug 27, 2020 | RA Blog, TBR Highlights

TBR: To-Be-Read; references a list that many readers keep

Well my goodness, this number is just embarrassing. As of today, there are 1333 items on my TBR. In my defense, books come out way faster than I can read them, even though I try like hell to read as many as I can every year. And that doesn’t even account for all the books long out that trusted sources recommend to you. I’m just saying, there are too many books in the world and not nearly enough time to read even just the ones that appeal to me.

But like so many others, my reading slowed down precipitously with the pandemic, and I can’t pinpoint why. I only know that I’m reading much less than I used to. I’m trying to be patient with myself and read at whatever pace I need to read at, and see where that takes me. And who knows? Maybe it’ll take me to one of these books:


#572 Marilla of Green Gables, by Sarah McCoy. I love the Anne of Green Gables series. Books and movies. Marilla is a bit of a mystery in that series, as you don’t get her entire backstory. I have to admit that I’m interested to see how a contemporary author conceptualizes Marilla’s past.

#746 Hungry Hearts, multiple authors. I don’t normally love short stories, but this book combines love + food, two of my most favorite things to read about. It’s also classified as YA (Young Adult), which says to me that it will be breezy and sweet and perfect for a quick, yummy read.

#893 Recipe for a Perfect Wife, Karma Brown. Another food-related book. The description of this: “A dual narrative in which a woman finds a cookbook buried in the basement of her new home and becomes captivated with the cookbook’s previous owner….” just sounds delightful to me. A vintage cookbook! The secrets of a mysterious cookbook owner! This sounds so good to me, even right this minute, that I’m wondering why I’m not reading it RIGHT NOW.