Highlights of my TBR: Ang, 3/27/19

by | Aug 26, 2020 | RA Blog, TBR Highlights

TBR: To-Be-Read; references a list that many readers keep

Including books that aren’t out yet, my TBR list is 912 books long. If you’re thinking that seems absurd, well, I guess it is. Lo those many years ago, I used to keep it on sheets of notebook paper, and as I read, I would cross books off. Every so often, I’d recopy the lists, eliminating whole chunks of it, books that I’d read. I was often told I should move it online, but I loved my Luddite list, full of interesting book titles and scribbles in the margins, and I loved loved loved crossing books off the list. But one day I looked down at the crinkly five pages of paper and thought, “this could be easier”. So I moved my list to a Google Sheets workbook. There’s a main TBR, with books that are already out, and then one sheet for each of the upcoming 12 months, which I fill in as I read about upcoming books. As the months pass, books get added to the main TBR list, and the months keep moving down the sheet. I delete books as I read, but I add books faster than I can read them. Hence that gargantuan number: 912.


So without any more preamble, here are a few of the most interesting books I haven’t read yet (but want to):

#100. Flight of Dreams, by Ariel Lawhon. Historical fiction, set aboard the doomed Hindenburg. How often do you read about blimps in fiction, after all?

#189. The Confectioner’s Tale, by Laura Madeleine. Historical fiction, but with a modern parallel timeline, I think. Candy and a family mystery? Sign me up.

#278. The Makioka Sisters, by Junichiro Tanizaki. Historical fiction, set in pre-WWII Japan. I’ve heard good things about this delicate book, and I’m a fan of Japanese novels, so I should probably just read this.

I’ll keep checking in with TBR tidbits–maybe something I haven’t read yet will strike you, and you’ll want to add it to your TBR, or read it right away. And now, you tell me–what interesting books are on your TBR? I’m always looking for a good book.