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Privacy Policy

Individuals who visit the Oak Lawn Public Library website are important to our Board and staff. Because visitors to our website are important, we do not capture personal information about them without their permission. We endeavor to collect only the minimum amount of information needed to meet the purposes for which the website was created.

Use of This Policy

Various websites are linked through the Oak Lawn Public Library website. State and local government agencies may have their own privacy statements posted on their sites, which take precedence over this policy. The Oak Lawn Public Library Privacy Statement does not apply to non-Oak Lawn Public Library websites that may be linked from the library’s website. Visitors should read the privacy policies of individual sites and be cautious about providing personally identifiable information without a clear understanding of how the information will be used.

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use
Use of the Oak Lawn Public Library website constitutes agreement to our terms of use. We encourage you to review the following information carefully.

Protecting your Account
Some portions of this website permit username and passwords to be used. You are responsible for protecting your unique username and password and you agree to be responsible for all activities performed under your user account.

Limitation of Liability
This site is provided by Oak Lawn Public Library on an is at your own risk. Oak Lawn Public Library cannot warrant that this site, our servers, or email communications affiliated with the use of this website, are free from viruses. Oak Lawn Public Library will not be responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from use of this website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

Personally Identifiable Information
Personally identifiable information will not be collected unless you voluntarily send an email message, fill out and send an online form, or fill out personal information and send in a survey. Your choice not to participate in these activities will not impair your ability to access certain information (though you may not be able to complete the transaction or service online). Unless specifically protected under state law, any information provided may be inspected by the public or disclosed in a legal proceeding.

Email Messages
Email messages, sent to any Oak Lawn Public Library address, will be treated the same as any other written communication. They may be subject to public inspection or legal disclosure and may be saved for a period of time before they are destroyed. Email or other information requests sent to the library website may be maintained in order to respond to the request, forward that request to the appropriate agency, or to provide the web designer with valuable customer feedback to assist in improving the site. Email addresses obtained as a result of a request to the library site will not be sold or given to private companies for marketing purposes.

Electronic Forms
Any other information provided by a visitor at the request of an agency of Oak Lawn Public Library, such as the completion and electronic filing of a form, will be considered to be voluntarily provided by the visitor and will be treated in the same manner as information provided in written form or in person during a visit to the agency. Information provided may be subject to public inspection and legal disclosure and may be saved for a period of time before it is destroyed.

Delivery Policy
During class registration a printable page will be available those providing an email address will receive confirmation via email. Class fees are non-refundable.

Changes in Policy
Oak Lawn Public Library reserves the right to modify, alter, delete and update these policies at any time we see fit. Such alterations do not nullify our rights if infringements or breaches occurred under a previous version of these conditions.