We are BookNerds!

by | Mar 1, 2021 | RA Blog

Whenever someone finds out I’m a librarian, they say, “You must love books” or “You must love reading”. Being a librarian is about more than books and reading, but I must admit that I DO love books and reading. Books and reading are two of my very favorite things in the world. And the truth is that I work with a whole bunch of other people who love reading too, no matter where they work in the library.

We launched BookNerds to share the love of reading with you. To start a conversation about books and reading. To share our favorite books and authors and series, and to hear about yours. Over time, we hope to build a community of readers, both staff and public, and to bring you writing about books and reading, reading/book-related programming, and whatever other fun things we can think of. Stay tuned!