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Reading Colors Your World

Tuesday, June 1 – Sunday, August 1

Summer Adventure Club

With this year’s Summer Adventure Club, readers have more choices than ever! Participants can pursue a variety of activities to complete our program and earn a final prize. There’s nothing to pick up or turn in – you can join the Summer Adventure Club at olpl.beanstack.org starting June 1. If you already have an account, simply sign in and register for Reading Colors Your World. If you don’t, choose an adult in the family to be the “account creator.” Register them, then add other family members under that account. There are many reading and activity options to complete the program this summer. Choose the ones that are right for you, then mark them off in Beanstack. After you complete the program, you may pick up your completion prize at the Library starting July 1. The final day to receive your prize is Monday, Aug, 9.


Koala Club Activities (Ages 0-24 Months)

Complete any ten out of 20. All of the following activities may be completed up to twice:

  1. ABC: Read a book about letters and sing the ABC song together.
  2. All About Me: Say your baby’s name while pointing out their eyes, ears, nose fingers and toes,
    or sing Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes.
  3. Animals: Read a book about animals.
  4. Building: Play a stacking game with blocks or containers with your baby.
  5. Colors: Read a book about colors or look for colors and learn the names.
  6. Music: Listen to music or sing together.
  7. Nursery rhymes: Sing a favorite nursery rhyme together.
  8. Play: Do a finger play together.
  9. Reading: Read a book of your choice together. Take turns turning the page.
  10. Sensory: Do a sensory activity with your baby.

Activities for Ages 2-14 Years

Complete any ten.

  1. Read a book about an artist or draw a picture.
  2. Play a board or card game with your family or have a dance party with them.
  3. Read a book about a location you’d like to travel to or visit a park you have not been to before.
  4. Read a book about birds or go bird watching.
  5. Try a new food or try a new recipe from a cookbook.
  6. Learn to play a sidewalk game or do some chalk art outside.
  7. Read a graphic novel or create your own comic book character.
  8. Listen to an audiobook or read out loud with a family member.
  9. Read a book about a sport or try a new sport or physical activity.
  10. Read a book about nature or go on a nature walk.
  11. Write and mail a letter to a friend or family member.
  12. Read a biography or ask a family member to share a favorite summer memory.
  13. Read a poetry book or create your own poem.
  14. Read a book outside with your family or have a family picnic.
  15. Read a book about an inventor or make up your own invention.
  16. Read a book of your choice.
  17. Read a book of your choice.
  18. Read a book of your choice.
  19. Read a book of your choice.
  20. Read a book of your choice.