Readers’ Advisor Profile: Melissa

by | Mar 2, 2021 | RA Blog, Readers' Advisor Profile | 0 comments

One of my earliest reading memories was in third grade when I got scolded by my teacher for reading a book while she was teaching class. Yes, that is about as rebellious as I ever got in my youth (in my whole life, let’s be honest). My mom has told me that when I was little, we would reread the same books so many times that she wasn’t sure if I was reading along or if I just had all of the words memorized!

Reading for me means getting really attached to a character or a world – and clearly having a very hard time leaving that behind. For this reason, I really love series because I get to stay in the same world with the same characters for a while, and that is very comforting to me. I used to walk up the hill every week to my local library to get the next Babysitter’s Club book and follow the adventures of my favorite sitter (Maryanne, naturally. I was super shy just like her.)

These days, my reading tastes have evolved to include books in a variety of different genres. I love finding new reads that will become new favorites, and for that reason my to-read list will always remain longer than my read list. However, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Where You Can Find Me in the Library: upstairs, at the Adult Services Desk, or hosting one of our adult programs

Where Else You Can Find Me: snuggling with my pup and reading a book

Hobbies (that aren’t reading): going for adventures with my hubby and dog, exercising, eating meals with friends (I miss this so much right now), binge watching cheesy game shows

My favorite genres to read: Cozy mysteries, chick lit, historical fiction, some non-fiction/memoirs, paranormal romance

What I don’t read: Westerns, most sci-fi

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