Readers’ Advisor Profile: Emily

by | Sep 10, 2020 | RA Blog, Readers' Advisor Profile

As far back as I remember, I have always been a reader. I went to the library weekly as a child and checked out so many books at a time. Even before there were apps to track books that I read, I would write them on pieces of paper and then excel spreadsheets. When I was old enough, I volunteered at the library and then I started working here. It just made my love of reading grow. I had access to so many more books!

In College, I would bike around campus listening to as many playaways that I could get a hold of. Now, driving around I always make sure to have an audiobook available to listen to. I love hearing a good book and even more so when a person is narrating their own memoir or autobiography. Most times now, I am listening to an audiobook, reading an ebook on my phone, and enjoying a physical book. The key is that all of them are different enough, so I can easily tell them apart.

Where You Can Find Me in the Library: On the 2nd floor, at the Reference desk

Where Else You Can Find Me: reading outside on the back porch, hanging out with my kids and finding new parks to explore  

Hobbies (that aren’t reading): shopping and finding good deals with my daughter, biking with my family, and cheering on the White Sox and Miami Dolphins

My favorite genres to read: romance, chick-lit, humor, self-help, young adult, memoirs and autobiographies

What I don’t read: Westerns, historical fiction, horror, crime

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