Readers’ Advisor Profile: Ang

by | Aug 24, 2020 | RA Blog, Readers' Advisor Profile

I love reading. I’m the type of voracious reader that’ll read shampoo bottles and cereal boxes, if there’s nothing else around. Before e-readers, I had a book or two with me every second of every day. I used to carry a large tote bag to work (in a library) filled with books, just in case the one I was reading was no good, and I had to switch, and two or three more, in case they all turned out to be bad. I once convinced my mom to take a road trip instead of a flight, just so I could bring as many books as I wanted. (That’s not a joke. We went to Niagara Falls and Toronto.) Now that ebooks are a thing, I carry my iPad Mini with me literally everywhere, and have hundreds of books on me always. It’s a great comfort.

I read for entertainment. I read for fun. I read to learn. I read to feel community with people I’ll never meet. I read to become the person I want to be. I read to think. I read to stop myself from thinking. I read to stave off boredom. I read to avoid talking. I read to laugh. I read to cry. I read when I’m blue. I read when I’m full of joy. I read to escape, just for a few minutes, from real life. I read to understand real life, just for a few minutes. I read in bed every night. I read while I’m waiting for water to boil. I read while I’m drying my hair and brushing my teeth. I read in every waiting room I’m ever in. I read on airplanes and on trains. There is nothing better than reading. If I don’t read for at least an hour every day, I feel that something is missing from my life. A day without reading is no day at all.

Where You Can Find Me in the Library: upstairs, at the Adult Services Desk. I might be reading, but you’re not interrupting me! Let’s chat!

Where Else You Can Find Me: on my couch, playing with my nieces, trying new restaurants, reviewing books on Goodreads

Hobbies (that aren’t reading): cross-stitching, crosswords, cooking, trivia, watching Chicago sports

My favorite genres to read: space opera, romance, travel narrative, cerebral mysteries, dragons, books about food and fashion

What I don’t read: horror, thrillers, memoir and biography, westerns

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