Board Policies

Library Establishment

1.1 Freedom of Information Act
1.2 Selection Policy
1.2 A The Freedom to Read
1.2 B Library Bill of Rights
1.2 C Non-Removal of Challenged Library Materials
1.2 D Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Material
1.3 Bylaws of the Board of Trustees
1.4 Service Fees
1.5 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Board of Trustees

2.1 Trustee Ethics Policy
2.1 A Public Library Trustee Ethics Statement
2.3 New Trustee Orientation
2.3 A Suggested Reading List for Public Library Board Orientation
2.4 Transition of New Trustees to the Board
2.5 Bereavement Observance
2.7 Conferences and Memberships for Trustees
2.8 Public Comment at Board Meetings
2.9 Whistle-Blower Guidelines and Protections
2.10 Library Board-Director Relationships


3.1 Purchasing
3.2 Meeting Rooms
3.3 Community Use of Bulletin Boards
3.4 Capital Items
3.5 Art Gallery
3.6 Use of the Signature Stamp
3.7 Library Credit Cards
3.8 Community Use of Display Cases
3.9 Barring Disruptive Patrons
3.10 Soliciting, Selling, and Petitioning Policy
3.11 Investment of Public Funds
3.13 Surplus Property
3.14 Media Contact Guidelines
3.15 Smoke-Free Environment
3.16 Identity Protection
3.17 Security Awareness and Acceptable Use Policy
3.18 Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy
3.19 Reserve Cash
3.20 Computer Training Center

Public Service

4.1 Fines and Fees
4.2 Programming
4.3 Non-Resident Fees Policy
4.5 Unattended Children
4.6 Website Usage
4.8 Delinquent Patrons
4.10 Reference Service Policy
4.10 A American Library Association (ALA) Code of Ethics
4.11 Resource Sharing
4.12 Access to Electronic Information
4.13 Security Camera Policy
4.14 Photographing and Videotaping in the Library
4.15 Volunteers
4.16 Rules of Conduct
4.17 Opioid Antagonist Policy
4.18 Pandemic Policy


5.1 Personnel Policy
5.2 Evaluation of the Library Director
5.3 Director Evaluation Form
5.5 Software and Electronic Resources
5.6 Staff Association
5.7 Harassment
5.8 Equal Opportunity Employment


In accordance with Section 7.3 of the Open Meetings Act, a list of all employees whose total compensation package exceeds $75,000 is available. View the document HERE.