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Library Mission

Mission (Why We Exist)

The Oak Lawn Public Library is a rich learning environment that engages and strengthens the community through diverse collections, programs and services.

Vision (Where We Are Going)

The OLPL strives to be a local hub of activity bringing together current resources and technologies to foster discovery and to inspire intellectual growth.

Values (What We Believe)

Exceptional Customer Service – In order to achieve the Library’s vision of being at the center of community activity, staff must provide patrons with exceptional customer service, ensuring their return for years to come.

Outstanding Communication and Promotion – To achieve the Library’s vision, staff must effectively communicate available resources and services to community members. The goal is to make residents aware of all the Library has to offer and to persuade them to take advantage of these amenities through person-to-person marketing, an effective online presence and mindful publicity.

Integrated Community Involvement – Staff will connect with all community members to make the Library a hub of activity that engages residents and strengthens lives.

Focused Collections, Programs and Services – Staying true to the Library’s mission, staff will provide collections, programs and services that engage and strengthen the community.

Demonstrated Fiscal Responsibility – Staff and Board members will utilize revenues prudently to offer resources that strengthen the community by fostering discovery and inspiring intellectual growth.

Well-Maintained Facility – Following the Library’s vision as a hub of community activity, the building will remain a clean, safe and inviting destination. An up-to-date and attractive physical plant creates a lasting impression.

Targeted Technology – The Library will engage and strengthen the community by sharing technologies that foster discovery and inspire intellectual growth.

Engaged and Educated Staff – Patrons will receive outstanding service from staff members who foster discovery and inspire intellectual growth. The goals of this value will be achieved through appropriate hiring and training and internal communication.