What I Read and Loved in 2018

25 Books That You Might Like, That I Loved

2018 was a SPECTACULAR reading year for me.

As of writing this, I’ve read 172 books, and there are still 28 days in December. I’m not done reading. More than that, though, I feel like I’ve loved and gotten so much out of SO MANY BOOKS this year. (One way to achieve this, of course, is to give yourself permission to put down any book you’re not liking. You tend to read more, and read more that you end up loving and learning from. That’s helped me, no doubt.) It’s felt like such a joy and a solace in this tough year to have books to curl up with and love, and to have books that taught me something. I've grouped my 25 titles into 5 broad categories, but there are other ways to divide up this list. I just liked the symmetry of five categories with five books each in them. They're in no specific order in the category, and some of these didn't even come out in 2018. But they all share the fact that I can't stop thinking about and recommending them. And here I am again, recommending them to you.

So here are my picks. (Click the titles to put the book on hold)


Science Fiction and Fantasy


Young Adult


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