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Bluestem Book of the Week!

2019 Bluestem Nominees!
Have you read any of the 2019 Bluestem Books?
20 books are nominated every year for the Bluestem Award, and they are displayed in the Youth Services Department.
Take a look at our staff review for this week’s featured book!

Title: Wish
Author: Barbara O'Connor
Lexile Level: 850
Pages: 227
Recommendations & Comments: Every day (and in almost every chapter), Charlie Reese finds a way to make the same wish. She might find a 4-leaf clover, or insist on pulling the wishbone after a chicken dinner. What is she wishing for? She won't tell the other characters -- or you -- until it comes true. In the meantime, she's stuck living with an aunt and uncle she barely knows in the mountains of North Carolina while her father is in jail and her mother tries to pull herself together. Bertha and Gus are kind people, but Charlie can't help feeling alone and desperate to get away. Until she finds a couple of friends -- a boy who walks differently and a stray dog no one else can tame.
This book sucked me in right away with the character of Charlie, who has a bad attitude and a quick temper. Generally I like being around kind people in my real life, but it's fun to read about someone who will tell you and others what they really think. She is ready to fight the world, and much of the enjoyment is in seeing whether she can make peace with others and her situation.
Reviewed By: Mr. Tom

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