About Our Study Rooms

The Library has six group study rooms available from the Computer Center on the second floor. All rooms are equipped with a whiteboard or a chalkboard. Chalk and whiteboard markers are available from the Computer Center desk by request. Please return all chalk and markers to the desk when your session is over.

A quiet study area is also available for use by individuals. The quiet study area includes 8 study carrels with 2 seats each and 5 round tables.

Study rooms may be booked in person at the Computer Center desk, by phone at 708-422-4990, ext 540, or online at http://oaklawnlibrary.evanced.info/dibs . Reservations are available for a maximum of two hours per day and may be booked up to two days in advance.

Covered drinks are allowed in the study rooms, but not eating. Please leave the room clean and free of trash. Please note that rooms are not soundproof, so it is important to keep conversations to a reasonable level.

Study Room 1 3-10 People Chalkboard
Study Room 2 3-8 People Whiteboard
Study Room 3 3-6 People Chalkboard
Study Room 4 2-4 People Whiteboard
Study Room 5 1-4 People Whiteboard
Study Room 6 1-4 People Chalkboard

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