A June of Ordinary Murders by Conor Brady

Last mystery of the season -- and it's a good one!  Pick up a copy at the Adult Services desk desk on the second floor and join the discussion.

Friday, April 20 at 9:30 a.m.

Teen Room

Synopsis: In the year of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee (1887), Dublin Detective Sergeant Joe Swallow investigates when the mutilated bodies of a man and child are discovered. It appears to be an ordinary crime, of lesser priority, but the evidence suggests high-level involvement -- and then the body count increases. Swallow puts his whole career in jeopardy in order to deliver justice.

Why I Chose This Book: One of my goals this year was to chose books set in foreign countries, books with strong portraits of the country and the times.  This book brings Victorian Dublin to life!  The crime-solving techniques they used then are fascinating.  Many of our group enjoyed The Yard by Alex Grecian when we read it last year – this book is quite comparable to that.

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