Meeting Room Policy

Board Policy

The Oak Lawn Public Library has meeting rooms available to community organizations whose objectives are cultural, educational or civic in nature. Use of Meeting Rooms does not constitute endorsement by the Oak Lawn Public Library. The Library will not discriminate in making meeting rooms available on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation or physical limitation.

I. Priorities

Priority will be given as follows:

(1) Library sponsored programs
(2) Friends of the Oak Lawn Library
(3) Oak Lawn Community Library Foundation
(4) Oak Lawn residents and organizations
(5) All others

II. Meeting Room Access

III. General Rules and Restrictions

IV. Prohibited Uses and Activities

Library Meeting Rooms cannot be used for the following activities:

V. Reservation Process

VI. Meeting Room Fees

VII. Publicity

VIII. Non-Compliance

The Oak Lawn Public Library will discontinue the use of meeting rooms for those who do not abide by this policy or disrupt Library operations. This policy is not all-inclusive. Approval of meetings not described in this policy and any exceptions to this policy will be determined by the Marketing & Communications Manager and/or the Director.

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