Kids Fiction Friday: World's Greatest Detective

Solve a mystery where the victim and the suspects are all detectives

The World's Greatest Detective | By: Caroline Carlson | Pages: 351 | Lexile: 840L

A weekend at a giant mansion. Five detectives have been invited to solve a mystery. If they can outsmart their biggest competition, the famous Hugh Abernathy, they'll win ten thousand dollars and the title of The World's Greatest Detective. But nothing in this contest is what it seems, and soon one of the guests is found murdered.

What's better than reading a new classic whodunit? How about one in which all of the suspects are sleuths, all trapped together while they uncover each other's juicy secrets?

Add to that the fun of Toby and Ivy, two junior detectives who compete with the grownups. Toby needs the prize money and answers about his parents. Ivy needs to prove herself. As the two uncover the truth, they learn uncomfortable family secrets, but also grow stronger in the process.

The story is packed with clues, red herrings, dirty tricks, disguises, mazes, vanishing evidence, Scooby-Doo-style traps to catch the bad guys, and surprises. Accept the invitation to see if you can guess the ending.

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