Kids Fiction Friday: The Best School Year Ever

The worst kids make it the best year

by Barbara Robinson

Lexile: 1020L

Pages: 155

How your school year goes can depend on so many things. Where you go to school. Who your teacher is. Even who else goes to your school. In the case of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, everybody has to share a class with one of the Herdmans.

As anyone will tell you, the Herdmans are trouble. When they're not skipping school, they might be lying, stealing, smoking, or bringing in snakes. The other kids might be scared of the Herdmans, and the grown-ups might complain, but there's just no stopping them. The best way to deal with them is to stay out of their way, but what do you do when a school project forces you to come up with compliments for them?

I don't think I would have wanted to go to school with one Herdman, let alone six. And visiting the library? They'd wreck the place! But as usual, the worst-behaved characters are often the most fun to read about. Covering a school year in just nine chapters, the book is filled with crazy stories and plenty of laughs.

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