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Title: It Ain't So Awful, Falafel
Author: Firoozeh Dumas
Lexile Level: 730L
Pages: 370
Recommendations & Comments: Her name is Zomorod Yousefzadeh, but she prefers you call her by her American name, Cindy. It's the late 1970s, and Cindy and her parents have come to the U.S. from Iran so her engineer father can work on an oil project. Cindy speaks English and adapts easily to American culture, but her parents have a harder time understanding it all. (They don't really "get" Halloween or Thanksgiving.) She thinks adjusting to middle school and a new town will be hard enough. Then Iran has a revolution -- and takes American hostages. It's happening half a world away, but it will affect her family, their friends, and their future.

This takes a unique experience and makes it approachable: whether your family came to America recently or generations ago, there is plenty in Cindy's story to relate to. Sometimes she worries about having enough money, having to move, or the safety of her loved ones. Other times she's trying to figure out who her friends are, how camping works, and what movie to go see.

The book is told in a variety of short chapters that swing between funny and serious. Cindy is a sympathetic, outgoing character to root for. As you hang out with her, you'll learn a lot about '70's and '80's America, from big things like oil shortages and the hostage crisis, to the little things like the fashions, fads, and entertainment of the time.

Reviewed By: Mr. Tom

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