Step into the House

Today's music and its roots

When you listen to the radio do you ever wonder where some of those sounds came from. Why do they use a drum machine? Why is the beat so fast? Why the spacey musical effects? Because the roots of today's music are in House and Hardcore music from back in the day. What was House and Hardcore? Well House music was what the house or club played.  A pioneer of this music was Frankie Knuckles. He introduced the drum machine to the music he was playing. He is often called the Godfather of House music. You can look for his CDs in the catalog by clicking the button for the catalog at the top of this page.

Hardcore music is electronic music that has a very fast beat, between 160-200 beats per minute. You can find examples of this by looking in the catalog under 'underground dance music'. Hardcore got its start in the Netherlands. It was often played at Raves. There are various types of Hardcore including Happy Hardcore which has more tender lyrics and is more upbeat. A good example of a song that is clearly influenced by Hardcore Music  would be Nicki Minaj's song 'Starships'.

By the way, playing hardcore while you clean the house is highly recommended if you want to get it done quickly.

Created by Julia Churchill on Jun 12th, 2017 @ 3:51 PM.
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