And the best film is....

Watch some of the films before the awards.

The OLPL gets new movies every week but at this time of year the ones people are interested in are Academy Award Nominees. The films nominated for best film are mostly not out yet on DVD. However, some are out on DVD or Blu-Ray, and some are in our catalog available to place holds on. Descriptions are from our catalog. Here is the list.

  • Call Me By Your Name - Coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray March 13th. In Northern Italy in 1983, seventeen year-old Elio begins a relationship with visiting Oliver, his father's research assistant, with whom he bonds over his emerging sexuality, their Jewish heritage, and the beguiling Italian landscape. Place a hold on it here .
  • Darkest Hour - Coming out on February 27th. During the early days of World War II, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler, or fight on against incredible odds. Place a hold on it here .
  • Dunkirk - Out now. Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German Army, and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. Place a hold on it here .
  • Get Out - Currently on shelf. A young black man meets his white girlfriend's parents at their estate, only to find out that the situation is much more sinister than it appears. Check the status here .
  • Lady Bird - Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on March 6th. The adventures of a young woman living in Northern California for a year.
    "As warm as it is smart - and it is very smart - "Lady Bird" marks actor/screenwriter Greta Gerwig's superb debut as a solo director and yet another astonishing performance by star Saoirse Ronan."--Los Angeles Times Place a hold on it here .
  • Phantom Thread - Coming out April 10th. Set in 1950's London, Reynolds Woodcock is a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover. Place a hold on it here .
  • The Post - This does not have a release date yet. A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government.You can still place a hold here .
  • The Shape of Water - Coming out on March 13th. An other-worldly fairy tale, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962. In the hidden high security government laboratory where she works, lonely Elisa is trapped in a life of isolation. Elisa's life is changed forever when she and co-worker Zelda discover a secret classified experiment. Place a hold here .
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Coming out February 27th. After months have passed without a culprit in her daughter's murder case, Mildred Hayes makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at William Willoughby, the town's revered chief of police. When his second-in-command Officer Dixon, an immature mother's boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing's law enforcement is only exacerbated. Place a hold here .

To find more nominations, go to the official Academy Awards site here .

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