About the Computer Center

From internet access to scanning to 3D printing, the Computer Center on the 2nd floor has so much for you!

Patrons with valid library cards can access computers for free for up to an hour, or can pay $1.00 per hour (as long as no one is waiting). Some of our other services are free (faxing, for example), others have small costs associated with them (laminating small items & 3D prints).

Computer Center Guidelines
Be respectful of staff and other patrons
The Computer Center is considered a quiet area
Please silence your cell phone when working on the computers
Please keep conversations quiet so as not to disturb other patrons
Covered beverages are allowed but please refrain from eating in the Computer Center
Remember to save all information to a flash drive. All information saved to the computer’s hard drive will be deleted when the computer is restarted
Please keep all bags and other possessions under the table or chair while working. Please be respectful of others using the Computer Center space
Please do not leave items unattended in the Computer Center
Please do not install or run any personal applications or programs on Computer Center equipment
License agreements and copyright laws must be adhered to when using Computer Center equipment
Viewing of inappropriate images and videos is not allowed in the computer center. Offenders will forfeit the reminder of their login time and be asked to leave. Repeat offenses may result in the loss of Computer Center privileges

The Computer Center has:

34 Windows PCs – includes Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher), Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browers, DVD Flick, CD/DVD drives, and USB ports
1 black and white printer
1 color printer
2 flatbed scanners
2 document scanners
2 copiers (1 black and white only, 1 black and white or color)
1 laminator, laminating sheets available for $.25 each in 3”x5”, 5”x7”, and 8.5”x11”
6 laptops that can be checked out for in-library use for up to 2 hours per day
2 walk-up stations available for 15 minute use without a library card
1 3D printer and 1 3D pen
1 typewriter

Computer Login Guidelines
Patrons with valid Oak Lawn Public Library cards have free access to computers
A valid card is not expired and has less than $5.00 in fines
Patrons with a valid non-Oak Lawn Public Library card may present their library card for 1 free hour of time, each additional hour is $1.00
Patrons with no library card may purchase a visitor pass for $1.00 per 1 hour of computer use
All patrons may use the 15 minute walk-up station once per day
Computer time may be limited when there are no available stations

Printing and Copying Guidelines
Printing and copying are available at $.10 per page for black and white and $.30 per page for color
Money can be added to a card or login ID at the print release station
The print release station accepts $1 and $5 bills as well as credit cards. There is no minimum for credit card payments.

No money will be refunded

Training and Assistance

Computer Center staff are happy to assist patrons as time allows. Please note that staff members may be called away to assist other patrons.

Computer classes are offered each month. Please view the calendar, check out the newsletter, or speak with a staff member for information about upcoming classes.

One-on-one appointments for more in-depth assistance are available. Please visit the Computer Center Desk for more information.

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