52 Weeks, 52 Books: Week 13

Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington // Quietly Lovely Coming-of-Age

I don’t remember seeing any press or reviews about this book, when it came out. I’m not sure how it made its way into my hands, but I know that as soon as I finished it, I pressed it into my coworker’s hands and implored her to read it. And because she told me later, I know that she enjoyed it greatly and passed it on to someone else. I love book chains like this; they make me feel connected to other readers.

Alice Bliss is a coming-of-age novel. Alice Bliss watches her father leave for war, still a tomboy. On the cusp of young adulthood, she feels his absence acutely. He isn’t there when Alice starts to run track, or learns to drive. He’s not there to intervene in Alice and her mother Angie's complicated relationship. He’s not there to provide guidance when Alice begins a flirtation with the boy-next-door. He’s not there, and Alice is unable to forget his presence, or perhaps unable to forgive his absence. But through it all, Alice is very much a teenage girl, impossible and sweet and confused and sad and triumphant. She’s also impossible not to love.

Which perfectly sums up this book for me: impossible not to love. If you’re looking for a quietly lovely coming-of-age novel, you cannot do better than this book. And maybe when you’re finished you’ll pass it someone, who will pass it to someone, who will pass it to someone. Click here to place a hold on this book, and if you’re an Oak Lawn patron, click here to place a hold on the ebook copy.


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