52 Weeks, 52 Books: Week 41

The Animators, by Kayla Rae Whitaker // Plenty good

When you read a LOT of books, you simply can’t make room in your brain for all of them to stick around. Some prolific readers keep their lists in notebooks, some make spreadsheets, and in the technology age, some use Goodreads. Some of us use two or more methods to keep track of what we’ve read and what we want to read. Me? I’m a spreadsheet and Goodreads person; spreadsheets because I started keeping track of my reading in 2003, before there was Goodreads, and now Goodreads because I find it fun to share what I’m reading publicly.

All of that first paragraph has a point, which is that sometimes when I’m thinking about what book to write about for 52 Weeks, sometimes I take a stroll down Goodreads memory lane to come up with a title, because like I said, I can’t remember them all anymore. The Animators was pulled off of Goodreads; at the time, I gave it a five star review:

Wow, this was good. I know right off the bat that people will fret about the scope of the thing--how many years it spans, and how many changes--and I totally understand that criticism, because I feel hesitant about that myself. But there's something right about how it all works together, which events become important, how Mel and Sharon face the world. Also, and this is sometimes underestimated, it was just damn entertaining. I never for a moment wasn't entertained by what Whitaker was throwing down. No matter how unrealistic or right-turny it got. Seriously. This was just good old entertainment. (Has someone optioned this yet? I feel like this is a movie I want to see, and I NEVER THINK THAT ABOUT BOOKS.)

The Animators is about friendship and business, it’s about figuring out who you are and who your people are. It’s about love and it’s about cartooning, and it’s about how to tell your story in your way, and about what happens if you do it in a public way. It’s really good. I didn’t forget about it because it wasn’t good. It’s plenty good. It’s worth your time.

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